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Creating and Harnessing Momentum in Business Development

When an attorney is focused on business development and is implementing consistently a strategic plan designed to reach clearly identified goals, magic happens.  Often it’s magic that brings in new business, and for practices with longer sales cycles, it’s magic that first brings in connections and opportunities that eventually lead to new business.  The magic […]

Identify your Unique Service Proposition

Clients, especially those who are not legally sophisticated, often see lawyers as fungible… At least until they come to know, like, and trust a particular lawyer. If you are simply one of a pool of fungible practitioners, you will be forced to rely on non-legal factors such as fee or fee structure, location, and sheer […]

How Effective is Your Website?

Recently, I’ve searched several times for a lawyer (or other client service provider) only to discover that he or she doesn’t have a website, or that it’s woefully out of date.  In the past, websites were expensive to create and difficult to maintain, so web developers tended to charge quite a lot for their work.  […]

5 Ways to Generate Great Content

Content marketing refers to the process of generating articles, blog posts, presentations, and more that are centered on your practice area and that share substantive information useful to your audience.  This newsletter is content marketing, for instance.  When you teach a seminar to a room of clients, potential clients, or referral sources, that’s content marketing.  […]

How Thin is Your Margin?

Michael Hyatt is one of my favorite leadership bloggers.  The former chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Hyatt holds the belief that leaders must be thoughtful and purposeful, and his posts range from philosophical to tactical. One post this week has been so impactful for me that I have to share it with you: How to […]

First Things First

There was a time when I spent an entire weekend outlining and getting started on writing two books. They were both about business development, of course, but one was designed to be an idea-generator and action-prompter, while the other was more of a teaching book. I got outlines done for both and started working on […]